This is the one who dreams of exhaling in happiness and relief with you.

This is the one already connecting to you.

I feel the invisible light beams connecting me to each one of you: every woman who wants to dance this interconnectedness maypole with me.

I believe that you are receiving our energetic connection, too.
We do have a relation already. I don’t know your name, your face; nor your anything. All I know is:

You are the believer who believes there is some reason we must get together.

As, yes, I am the believer who is also answering to this call.

I am a mother always on the look out for the opportunity for a kite surfing session, who mostly answers to 'mom' and is known as

My personal and professional journey through pregnancy is reflected in this flexible form of what is offered on Pregnancy Magic. After accumulating a load of information on a tone of different interrelated subjects, after sitting with more than a dozen mentors, after working with many women privately and in group, after leaving skin after skin behind with every pregnancy I came to the need to unload; to unwind, to unlearn and just let be.
After two years of looking inwards for truth, I have heard my destiny calling.

I still love pregnant women and I still thrive when I am close to them, but I do not need to teach them anymore. I want to accompany them and be the witness to their inner procedures.

I wish for my intentions to meet yours and to let our intentions unite to raise you more clearly to your fullest new potential.
I set the intention to acknowledge every participant’s personal needs and wishes, feelings and character.
Everyone will be on her personal journey and she will have multiple stimuli alternated by a lot of peace and stillness to accomplish the goal at task:

to enter the door to miraculous blisshood during this pregnancy and keep the key for later use.

Community and sisterhood are among the most impressive magic up my sleeve.
More sisters will be joining Pregnancy Magic pretty soon. 

I am deeply honored to present my magical sister, Oly.

Since I was a child I was wondering if the world could change. This was my burning question.

Growing up I found the answer, guided by the very best teachers: our inner children and the children around us.

The world changes with love.
This is the lesson, the greatest and most important of all and I am still learning it every day and has now become the driving force of my life.

I am learning and sharing the love connection, the love communication,
how to fall in love with love, how to carry a baby with love, how to birth with love,
how to raise the new people we bring to earth with love,
how to be within love, how to love ourselves and others all over again,
how to change our world together.

Oly Patsoura
Biologist ~ Doula ~ Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner