Use the power of nature and sisterhood to rediscover your magical space. Visit your inner serene oasis.

Pregnancy Magic have many different activities and many different conversation issues we could use, but not much is graved in stone.
Intuition guides us and we let the group and the specific needs that are created through our unity call for the right activity every time.

Even activities that are central to our retreats, like the fire circle,
will look very different depending on the women who gather around the fire every time.
They might look more like a camping bonfire or an outdoors dancing party with grill
or they could be more sacred like a fire sacred ceremony.
Whichever form they take should be the most suitable for every group
and any form they take is a ritual by definition and by effect.

One of the very first things you will find in every Pregnancy Magic Retreat is
a session on safe postures in everyday life activities
and safe transitioning between positions; from sitting to standing, sitting to lying down and so on, as taught by Birthlight.

Most session include some kind of primary or secondary connection with Baby.

We will work on communication a lot together.
We will discuss and play with the different forms of communication you can use with Partner and Baby.

Some of these forms include language, touch, intuition, energy channeling, rhythm, singing, movement and dance.

We will do this experientially playing with all of the above and more
to let you establish your current relation with each one and your desired use of them.

We strongly believe that communication is an essential block of love building in family relations,
so we intend to watch you depart feeling more confident in your communication skills and more excited to work on them further later on.

In everything we do and every topic we discuss we set our intention to see you become your own teachers. Not only in guiding yourself in uncharted for you waters,
but also in trusting yourself as the authority in your choices.

Many books on pregnancy and even more on parenting mention that there is no school for parents. Over the last two decades there are even some parenting seminars. You could try some of these.
What we strongly believe is that the life of the universe so far has concluded in this pregnancy of yours.
This means you are the only one who is the absolute expert on it.
You are the only one fully equipped to move through it, no matter what takes place.
Even when you listen to an expert and follow advice or instructions, you are still the one deciding.
You are the one who chooses who to listen to.
We not only intend for you to be utterly aware of this,
we want to help you enlighten us.
We wish to watch you and to deeply listen to you,
your truth and your personal story in the story of all Life.

Pregnancy Magic sets the intention for all the pregnant participants to listen to your Baby’s story in Life.

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Greece, Limnos

May 25-31, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their partners and relaxation for both.

Greece, Limnos

September 21-27, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their partners and relaxation for both.


February 2019

Heavenly move, relaxation and connection for pregnant women and a choice of action and relaxation for partners. Register below to be notified.