Greece, September 21-27 2018

Keros beach, Limnos

The simple, yet divine accommodation on a powerful wild landscape and our work together provide an ideal platform. Embark on a trip to Magickal Pregnancy Bliss!


The rooms have a double bed -or two singles- and a sofa. They are lovely and brand new, made of stone and all with a sea view.

You have a small fridge and a wooden patio with free wi-fi and a WC with shower.

There are common toilets behind the restaurant, although your room is very close.

There are toilets also by the watersports schools.

The studios are right next to the glamorous camping, which has a beautiful outside deck/lounge that you or Partner can visit any time.

There are also yoga classes available at the next door camping open to all.

If you want to come with more than Partner and one child, we are ready for this. Just let us know as soon as possible.

Shopping and Necessities

There is no shop in walking distance from your studio.

You can buy snacks and drinks and ice cream at the hotel's restaurant and at the next door camping, as well as at the water sports schools’ canteens. There are also a couple of canteens along the endless beach, which you can explore during your free time.

For more, there is a small village, Kalliopi, about a mile away (around 1,5 kilometers), with a couple of shops and a couple of tavernas and cafes.

Another kilometer away, there is a bigger village, Kontopouli, where you have more options, with a couple of well equipped mini markets and a couple of tavernas and cafes and a pharmacy.

There is also a doctor in Kontopouli every morning and a second one 3 times a week, as well as a small local health center.

In Kontopouli there is a ceramist and a traditional distillery, which you can visit.

We hope that all your needs will be catered for on foot and we wish to get what you need to you, unless you wish to feel more like a tourist and explore the villages.


All the surrounding area is protected as a natural park and has two lakes, not always visible in the summer, because they usually dry out. The salt lake is right behind your rooms and is an international stop for immigrating and local birds. Pink flamingos come every year and many other bird species. You can research more about the birds if it interests you.

Spring looks stunning in the surrounding area as there are very few buildings and very few trees, so beds of flowers are everywhere you turn your gaze. The end of May might be too late for that this year, as it has been raining a lot in autumn and winter, so spring find come and end early.

The locals have traditionally collected the salt from the salt lake for cooking in their homes.

Further Away

The capital is about 40 minutes away. It is a statuesque interesting small town to walk around with a castle. There is no plan to go there, but we can always amend our plans according to everyone’s wishes.

You can always stay some extra days to drive around, or visit another time.

The island has about 30 villages, some of which are very pretty.

It also has about 30 beaches one more beautiful than the other.

Limnos has other interesting places to visit, like ancient sites and nice little churches.

What is included in price

Accommodation 6 nights and 7 days.

6 breakfasts for all of you

4 dinners for you and Partner

Fresh farmer's platter in your room for healthy snacks refilled daily

Transportation for Excursions

Gifts and surprises from us to you

All sessions with the women and Partners

Use of equipment for swimming in the sea

Virtual Follow Up Gathering

What is not included in price

Transportation except excursions (2 planned)

Private massage sessions

Yoga classes which are independent of Pregnancy Yoga

Additional nights of stay  

Gear rental and lessons at the water sports schools

Kids Club

Babysitting (the availability of which we cannot even guarantee so early in the season)

Drinking Water (tap water is not potable)

Cancellation Policy

For the Cancellation Policy click Here.



(about ‎€1,900, ‎£1770 )

Early bird

Until July 15


partners' paradise

Have the time of your life!

Choose your adrenaline levels and bond with your Sweetheart and unborn Baby

About transportation

We will happily transfer you from and to the airport, if it is convenient. It will be arranged after you book your flights. The taxi ride from the airport costs about 20 Euro. We can arrange a car rental for you, which you might not need that much and which we can arrange even after your arrival at any time. There is a boat from Athens and one from Kavala, close to Thessaloniki, which is a shorter trip. Many people come from all over Europe by car through Kavala, but we would not suggest that route for pregnant women. If however, this is what you choose, again, let us know after you have planned, or ask us for assistance. There is also the alternative of the woman flying and the man driving if you wish to bring your car, particularly if you are coming from Europe and you are bringing your surfing equipment.

Sacred Excursions on Ancient Sites

sample schedule

We have 3 ancient sites in our vision. (We are aiming to take you to two, but we may visit all 3 or just one depending, on the group wishes and needs and the weather).

The sites are awe-inspiring in their own right, but we intend to use their energy and the imagination stimulation they will evoke in all participants, to bring more meaning to your experience.

7:00-8:00 Optional Breakfast
8:00-9:30 Rise Session
9:30-10:30 Breakfast
13:30-12:30 Session
12:30-17:30 Free Time
17:30-19:00 Dinner
19:00-20:45 Sunset Session


All plans have been made taking into account 

  • that pregnant women need more rest than they did before
  • that a key to the success of these retreats is that you have enough free time to digest what is happening, to slow down and to enjoy yourself 
  • sunrise and sunset times 
  • air and water temperature at the time
  • the likelihood to amend them to better serve the group's needs or due to the weather

Sample Schedule on an Excursion Day

7:00-8:00 Optional Breakfast
8:00-9:30 Rise Session
9:30-10:30 Breakfast
10:30-12:00 Session
12:00-15:30 Free Time
15:30-17:00 Visit Ancient Site
17:30-19:30 Visit Close-by Beach
20:00- Dine Out

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