Retreat Concept

Summon the power of nature and sisterhood to experience pregnancy bliss. Join us in serene oases.


We started planning these retreats based on the assumption that every pregnant woman enjoys vacation. We want to offer you
a vacation by the sea, where you can take it slow
or with Partner
surrounded by other pregnant women
and pregnancy and birth professionals
very close to all your needs and destinations
with minimum planning and decision making to do for your trip days
You can even bring your other child with you.

We are offering your Partner the choice to just relax and enjoy the scenery or join some very interesting activity taking place just by where you are.

A couple of the sessions involve Partners.  Partners may also join most morning sessions, provided all participants are fine with that.

We mean to offer you all those listed above because we wish for you to

become even more aware
of what is happening to your body,
your mind,
your heart
and your soul
with this pregnancy

We have learned that many factors in everyday life create too much destruction to your awareness. An effect which is multiplied if you live in a city or a busy place.

The other obstacle between you and bigger awareness during your pregnancy could be all the information, guidance and advice you are gathering for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Which is a paradox really, because it is only logical and appropriate that you use all these resources. You might be regularly practicing with spirituality or art, which might be protecting you and cleansing you from a lot of the surrounding and mental noise. That is beautiful. Come to Pregnancy Heaven Retreat to have the optimum environment where you will feel at home very quickly and your choice to be here will make sense and will feel like the most natural thing to do.

Most retreat schedules are packed with big sessions, leaving very little time to relax. They also make it almost impossible to bring someone else along with you. Even if you did, you would have very restricted time to enjoy the company of your partner, who would might get bored alone.

To avoid all this and to transform it to perfection, Pregnancy Heaven offers you the opportunity to make the most of everything and to gently declutter your mind, so your awareness may naturally find its flow and focus.

Together in this peaceful paradise on earth you may rest, relax, feel safe, heard, connected and loved and then you will realise you actually are in heaven. Baby will be able to tell the difference and new avenues of communication and bonding may open between you and Baby, as they may between yourself and your molecules, or nature.

The retreats aim at improving your relations with Partner and all your relationships, as they ease your transformation to the new person you are becoming.

The relationship to your partner will be affected regardless of Partner’s presence in the retreat.

This is because as you move through your states of consciousness and as you change, everything about you changes, which affects all your relations and especially with those closest to you.

Birthing options

We love all pregnant women equally regardless of their choices. We have a preference for the ones we get to know better, of course, but we love them all.

We love you regardless of your choices.
We cannot avoid having our personal inclinations when it is about our own lives, but from personal and professional experience we have realised that every choice is equally acceptable to us and equally deserving love and admiration.

There are more things to contemplate on around this discussion and we will probably get to it on the ground.

For now we just want to make sound crystal clear that this Retreat
is not exclusive for those who plan this or that kind of birth.

Also we would like you to know that it is ok if you wish to be surrounded more by those who make similar choices to you. That is so natural and so perfect. It will be one thing we might have to work on altogether and there might be some important reason to get through this; a reason that we will soon discover together or one that you will later realise on your own.

You might be surprised, as we have been in the past, if you end up feeling more closely connected to a sister who makes many different choices than you, than to one that agrees with you on more subjects.

It is not our intention to work with you on any part of your birth plan, but
it is unavoidable that the Pregnancy Heaven Retreat will have an impact on your plans.
Not because we will give you new information that you did not take into account so far, but because you will communicate a lot with yourself and with Baby and most likely with Partner, too. And mostly because this experience will most likely advance you in the transformation you are already undergoing.  

This declaration should not alarm you in the least if you are passionate about the plan you already have.
There is a big chance that the retreat will result in asserting your plans and getting you more excited about them; in growing your confidence in your past choices.

The other thing regarding the forthcoming births, is that we may end up working on birth plans and ideas all together, since we have already established that intuition and the needs of the group will be our guides.

Are you scared?

Fear is part of the game in everything in life and especially in birth, even in Pregnancy. Please don’t stress over them in relation to the retreat. You do not need to come here stress and fear free. Please bring your fears on this journey with you and see if they will enter Heaven with you or not. We will absolutely have a session or two on them, so the better you get to know them, the better you will work with them and the less power they will have on you.

Greece, Limnos

May 25-31, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their partners and relaxation for both.

Greece, Limnos

September 21-27, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their partners and relaxation for both.


February 2019

Heavenly move, relaxation and connection for pregnant women and a choice of action and relaxation for partners. Register to be notified.