To Partner

Change your luck around! Make this pregnancy a wonderful vacation opportunity AND spend quality time with Her and Baby

Is your Sweetheart Pregnant?
Are you worried you will miss, or not thoroughly enjoy, summer vacation this year?
Are you moved and maybe worried or even scared for the new life ahead with a new child -or two- and the transformation that might mean to your Partner Mama?
Are you worried this might affect your relationship to her?

You are right. Partner Mama
will change and your relationship will also change.

Will you feel onboard the new train right from the beginning or will always feel like you are chasing the seat in your new family train?

We cannot promise to deliver you specific results,
but we promise that whatever happens,
you will feel blessed you made the decision
to come with your Sweetheart to a Pregnancy Magic retreat.

Pregnancy Magic will save your summer vacation as you can have the time of your life with Pregnant Partner and by yourself when Pregnant Partner is occupied with us.

You might feel reluctant now to join sessions addressed to yourself and the rest of the Partners joining us, but hopefully, after the first day or two, you will rejoice in these sessions. We promise they will be very few and very basic. 

We have thought of the Partners of the Pregnant Women. We are offering you a unique opportunity. Truly this is a lifetime opportunity. You can be closely involved with the pregnancy, which will raise your cache in the relationship. Your Pregnant Sweetheart will be very happy for you to go with her and she will be satisfied to know that your need to be more active than she could follow up at the moment, will be fulfilled.

You can always chose to sleep or read or do something peaceful and slow down through the whole of your stay. You also have a choice of massage or you could join a yoga session.

But if you know how to kiteboard or windsurf, you will most likely get some good wind days to enjoy Keros Beach, which is a beautiful spot for watersports. Bring your gear if you have it and if you like, or rent your equipment at one of the schools here. We have arranged special prices especially for you.

The water sports schools will be right at your feet.
We will give you more information on them during your orientation on the ground.

Other water sports you could enjoy are paddle surf (SUP), canoe and catamaran.
Rarely you might get the right conditions for surfing.

Are you new to water sports?
Super! The schools have well trained teachers and the spot is superbly supervised, although it is one of the safest spots for taking up windsurfing and especially kitesurfing.

One advice if you want to take up a new water sport when you are here, is to be a bit fit before your arrival. You will enjoy yourself more and your learning will pick up faster without sore muscles. 
The other reason for this, is that when you are not practicing and you spend time with Sweetheart, you will be more pleasant if you are pain free.
Don’t confuse slim with fit. And in case you are wondering, you don’ t need to be strong for watersports. It’s just that if you have built up your stamina a little, you will enjoy yourself more.

You can always snorkel or swim and sunbathe, walk, bike.

There are also other activities you can do on the island, but they are not so close to us and it goes beyond our purposes to write about everything here.

The amazing thing with this place is that on wind days, the wind stops at about five o’clock, when the sun is still up and the air temperature very warm. Then you can also swim peacefully. 
The terrain transforms from an ideal wind spot to an idyllic fairy tale lagoon.

We will offer you and Sweetheart a session of movement for pregnant women in the water, where we will give some ideas about how you can accompany and support her in the water, so the two of you and Baby can enjoy and benefit from the experience of swimming and moving in the water together.

More importantly we will try to give you the confidence and the support to play in the water, so you figure out yourselves how to enjoy the water together. We anticipate to see what new moves you may figure out and teach us! We will put them down under your name if you like!

We will try to interest you in giving Sweetheart a back massage and maybe a foot massage if that sounds interesting.
We aim at getting you interested in communication through touch, which is something Baby is very much looking forward to.

The Best Thing About this Opportunity

is that your Accommodation and Food is FOR FREE

You just pay your tickets to get here!

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Greece, Limnos

May 25-31, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their Partners and relaxation for both.

Greece, Limnos

September 21-27, 2018

Keros beach offers the perfect circumstances to combine heaven for the pregnant women, action for their partners and relaxation for both.


February 2019

Heavenly move, relaxation and connection for pregnant women and a choice of action and relaxation for partners. Register below to be notified.

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