Enjoy a blissful pregnancy

Magic Doors for pregnant women


Two things are certain here.
a/ You are pregnant.
b/ We love pregnant women.

 Are you enjoying your pregnancy?
You have come to the right place.
Enjoy your pregnancy the most with us. Let us hold you in your joy and feel honored by your presence.

Do you wish you could enjoy your pregnancy just a little more? 
You have come to the right place.
We know what is like to feel guilty for not being satisfied when you seem to have everything. Allow yourself the guilt and the unhappiness and join us. Let us hold you with all you bring and let us hope with you that you find the door to heavenly bliss before this pregnancy is over.

Do you have obstacles keeping you from enjoying this pregnancy? Is there too much pressure?
You have come to the right place.
You can find peace even in the middle of absolute chaos. It sounds like this is exactly what you need right now.

Do you ever feel called to do something and you do not really know the reason why?
This is the main reason we hope you will chose to join us.
What we want to offer you is experiential and cannot be exactly described with words.
This is not an informative class we can teach you or tell you all about. It is not about a message you can read and comprehend.  It is not even about a practice you can learn with us -although you will probably learn some.
This is about the silence between the lines you are reading right now.
It is a spoken agreement between our intentions,
a written contract between our souls,
that we have to spend time-space together during this pregnancy.

These last lines might speak to you most truth than any of the other sauce we decorate this website with. Do you feel butterflies in your belly (apart from your fetus blowing bubbles)? Or a tickling sensation on your palms? Something else? Is it ineffable?
As is ineffable what we want to share with you.

We are putting this service out there, because this is just what we need to do right now and we call you to respond to it because somehow this is just what you need to be doing right now with this pregnancy, even if you could never explain why.

Stress Free

Come to a universe of peace, quiet and sublime tranquility around and inside you.

all natural

Embracing all that is given by mother nature will remind you of heaven as you do know it inside.

connection Hub

Multiple opportunities to connect deeper with yourself, Partner and Baby. Also with other mamas and nature.

Choose your crowd

Join Online pregnant women's Circles. Or bring us online to your circle of friends.


Alone or with family. Partners may relax with you, join a couple of sessions and enjoy their vacation.

Custom made

Get the magic privately to enjoy our services tailored to your needs and expand from there.

You are transforming already!

Pregnancy is a big time transformational state. Take this unique opportunity to impregnate yourself with heavenly bliss, which will continue growing after your baby's birth. Choose your magical door below.



Come alone or with Family

Online Circles

Form your Group or Join Ours

Private Heaven

Private Online Portal



Breath Talk

Use your breath to calm yourself and Baby down

Magic Talk

See the magic inside you and in you life. Play with it to mend the past and seed the future

Mind Talk

Improve your mind talk and use it to communicate with Baby, too

Touch Talk

Use touch to communicate and soothe Baby

Body Talk

Let your body move you to comfort, to raise your confidence and to communicate with Baby

Heart Talk

Connect your hearts and let them talk their language